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Angular development just got a new and exciting home at! With the launch a few days ago, Angular developers have access to a revamped platform that offers updated documentation, tutorials, and a playground for hands-on learning. This article explores the key features and improvements brings and what it means for the Angular community.

New documentation and improved user experience focuses on teaching modern Angular development right from the beginning. Some highlights include:

  • A new content structure that focuses on core Angular concepts for beginners and in-depth guides for advanced developers.

  • All documentation and examples are built with standalone APIs for simplified development, including a completely rewritten components guide.

  • Core Web Vitals guidance, written in collaboration with Chrome's Aurora team, covering topics such as image optimisation and performance best practices.

  • New guides for SSR and Hydration to improve app performance.

  • More helpful API references and CLI references (under development).

  • Quick edits and updates using the Vite dev server in tutorials.

  • An updated public roadmap.

  • Improved search functionality and much more.

The Angular team remains committed to stability and backwards compatibility, ensuring that continues to be a reliable resource for all teams. In the future, they plan to integrate into to keep the documentation up to date with the latest best practices and recommendations.

Embedded tutorials

One of the outstanding features of is its embedded tutorials. These tutorials allow you to learn Angular right in your browser, thanks to WebContainers. They provide bite-sized steps with side-by-side running code examples, making it easier than ever to grasp Angular's core concepts.

This section provides a quick, in-browser way to learn the core concepts of Angular. Whether you're new to Angular or just need a refresher, this is a valuable resource.

For those who want to go beyond the basics, the first-app tutorial shows you how to build your first full Angular application using CLI. It even includes a video course on the Angular YouTube channel to walk you through the process.

Angular playground introduces the Angular Playground, a place where you can explore the latest Angular concepts right in your browser. You can start with a "Hello World" project or choose one of the templates to experiment with Angular's latest features, including control flow, signals, and more. There's even a fun mini-game inspired by the release of Angular 17. How @Angular are you? still supported

If you're currently working with a previous version of Angular, rest assured that will continue to be maintained and supported. While there will come a time when all information migrates to, the Angular team has not provided a specific timeline for this transition.


It's an exciting time for Angular developers. With Angular 17 on the horizon, you can now dive into the playground, follow step-by-step tutorials on, or explore the new API at your own pace. The future of Angular development is here, and is your go-to platform for all things Angular.

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